Colour inspiration is all around us, rooted in our seasons and countryside. Colour is a personal, powerful and emotive subject, so choosing colours for our interiors is a deeply personal expression of ourselves, and our feelings, the strength of our pull towards the colours we are drawn towards.

Winter colours are guided by the extremes, such as crisp icy snow in comparison with the intense dark greys. Winter colours are strong, intense and cool, dark and saturated in tone.

It is a misconception that decorating with dark colours can make a room look small and gloomy. The use of the right colours can create bold interiors and striking rooms. Dark inky shades of charcoals or blues can give us the illusion of walls receding and create the feel of a much larger space as a result. Rich, saturated colours create warm tones alongside the darker inky shades. Nature in Winter gives us intense icy whites, greys and blues, alongside the rich reds and greens of winter holly and hedgerows. Scandinavian coolness as a backdrop, but adding strong colours, intrinsically linked to the natural world.

Consider the cool clarity of the colours of a Winter’s day, clear, cool and intense and then combine these with dull, grey mizzle days. A perfect grey-toned sky can seem like an intense expanse of colour, yet misty, pale smoky greys can create a perfect blank canvas to showcase other colours.

So, explore the range of winter colours in your home, try sample pots and fabric samples to make sure the tones are right for your room. I always recommend ‘living’ with these samples for a few days, exploring the subtle changes you will see as the light changes throughout the day and evening, and through the shifts in our weather which will add their own dimension to the colours.

Regardless of the Season, adding colour is powerful, emotive and inspirational. With a myriad of colours available to us, the colours we choose are ultimately a statement about us and how we wish to live. An important aspect to remember is that colour is personal, and there is no right or wrong when deciding on colour and interiors. But there is one invaluable tip to remember: simply trust your own instincts, and enjoy the journey.

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