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Sustainability & Environmental Impact

We care deeply about our environmental impact and we continue to make every effort to improve and promote sustainable practice.  In an industry that has historically always had a high level of waste and emissions, our ethos is to be ethically and environmentally responsible, and to work in harmony with nature, by using only natural fibres in our products, by always considering longevity in our designs, by being thoughtful in our design production and by being sustainable in our processes.

An Uncompromising Commitment To UK Manufacture & Production

UK production and manufacturing is one of our greatest passions, and will always remain an integral part of our business. British textile, yarn and weaving companies are renowned for their high quality production and decades of knowledge in their respective industry. Sadly, we have lost far too many of these incredible companies with centuries of knowledge and experience, so it increasingly important for us to support and preserve our UK manufacturing. It not only allows us to provide you with high quality products, it creates jobs and boosts local economies, and reduces our carbon footprint.

Thoughtful & Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is an important part of our ethos, and we are so pleased to have found packaging that is recyclable, reusable or compostable. As a small business, this has sometimes proved challenging as many products are only available in very large quantities.

For smaller postal items, we use packaging materials that are made from recycled materials or materials that can be recycled, such as our cardboard boxes, padded envelopes and environmentally friendly brown bags for larger packages. All of our packaging items and glassine paper bags are environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, 100% plastic free and are manufactured from sustainable forests.

The padded paper envelopes have an 100% recycled paper fibre lining, designed to add protective padding. The brown paper tape is 100% recyclable and can be recycled with the boxes. The glassine bags are made from wood pulp and are recyclable.

The paper bubble wrap we use is designed with cushion pockets to protect parcels as well as being 100% recyclable. The twine we use is is made from natural flax or jute, and is biodegradable or perfect for re-using in the garden.

Our Mission To Reduce Plastic

Globally and as a nation, we are all sadly reliant on plastic. It is durable, flexible, has infinite uses and can be recycled. However, for far too long, large quantities of plastics are not being recycled appropriately and are having an increasing damaging effect on our environment.

As an industry, we too are also reliant on plastics to transport rolls of fabrics, which is robust and protects fabrics from damage. Sadly, paper packaging does not offer the same robust protection and resilience as plastic packaging offers, and the majority of our suppliers are resistant to change old practices.

While we are on a mission to reduce our use of, and to replace all of our plastic packaging, unfortunately there are still very limited sustainable options available to achieve this fully as a small business. However, we will persevere!.

We are making this transition and are now using eco-friendly tubing for dispatching fabrics on a roll. This is carbon-neutral, 95% renewable and 100% recyclable I’m Green polythene, derived from natural sugar cane. Unfortunately, it is only available in a very limited choice of narrow widths suitable for despatching fabrics by the metre, however too narrow to package our larger bespoke furnishing products.

Currently, our larger bespoke items are transported to each of our home projects in wide plastic tubing to keep every item clean and undamaged. The plastic is returned to HQ after each installation and reused, until such time as it is recycled.

We will continue to research alternatives for our larger bespoke products and we will continue to seek and test new packaging options as they become available to us.  We are ever hopeful that we will find a suitable and sufficiently robust alternative packaging, in our mission to reduce the harm on our beautiful environment.

Fabric Collections

Our ethos will always centre around using natural fibres in our products: mainly linen, wool, and sometimes cotton and silk. We choose to work mainly with independent UK fabric designers, as the majority of of these small companies work sustainability and ethically, by printing to order rather than holding large quantities of imported stock, by using ethically minded production chains, and by using mainly UK manufacturing and printing.  

We mainly use linen and wool in our bespoke products, as they are beautiful cloths and are incredibly durable. Linen has an extremely low impact on the environment. The flax plant only needs soil, plenty of sunshine and rainwater to grow. UK linen production has reduced significantly over recent years, however it is slowly making a return and we will continue to source it where possible. Wool is produced and manufactured in the UK and many of the wool manufacturers have strong values for fair and ethical practice in the wool industry. Wool uses significantly less energy during its production, than manufacturing manmade fibres. Wool is well-known to be a strong and durable fibre, with inherently fire retardant properties, therefore reducing the need for added chemicals.

Fabric Waste

In the production of bespoke soft furnishings, we always have very small fabric scraps left over or larger offcuts when a supplier has been overly generous with their fabric quantities.  Our ethos is that even the smallest remnant can be used in projects, and so all fabrics offcuts are put aside and reused.

Small offcuts are used as samples for client projects, rather than order samples from our suppliers, and larger pieces are kept for returnable samples when a client wishes to see a larger piece. Some offcuts are kept for our twice yearly remnant sales and are sold at considerably reduced prices. Very small pieces are used in our craft packs.

Our trimmings offcuts are also put aside and sold as remnant pieces, at a considerably reduced price.

All remaining fabric and trimming offcuts which we are unable to reuse, are sent to our local recycling centre, where they are packaged and sent for shredding, alongside industrial and garment manufacturing, and manufactured in to recycled yarns, which are woven in to new products.

As a small business, we are committed to learning and evolving as we work towards a more sustainable future. We will continue to focus on reducing our environmental impact without ever compromising on design and quality.

Cushion Pads

As an alternative choice of cushions pads, we also offer wool cushions pads, filled with soft, certified 100% traceable British wool. The cushion pad cover comes with a zip for the removal of wool, for adjusting the pad for softness/plumpness, and to allow for washing. Each cushion pad is handcrafted in the South West of England from 100% sustainable materials. The British wool used is naturally hygienic, cleaned without the use of chemicals, and is dust mite resistant. Every cushion pad is 100% natural, sustainable and chemical-free.