Reflection and instinct are invaluable parts of human nature and this year, they have played a much larger part in the business and the directions and decisions we made, that I had envisaged.

During the Spring months, when we were creating the new website, one of the important criteria for me, and one that had the strongest instinct in me, was to create something that was far more than interiors and window dressings.

While this is the essence of everything we do, there is far more to interiors than a staged and beautifully presented house.


For me, home is the essence of everything about my company, but it is not about interiors, colour charts, curtains and cushions alone. These are a part of the dressings that defines who we are and our homes, using colour and texture.

Our homes will always be more though: about everything that we have and our lifestyle, our instinct, and the possessions we have, that leads us to create a home: our memories, our families, our adventures and challenges, our laughter and our tears that have brought us to the place where we are now.

While many of us have an inherent desire to explore and grow, there is an underlying pull in nature which takes us back to a certain place, whether that is a building or a location, however irrespective of where that may be, that will be or will feel, like home. And that will be where our individual stories grow and take root.

So where is my story? My story is in Somerset where we live, but an equally important and creatively inspiring part of my story is also in Cornwall, The Lake District, Yorkshire…. well, this beautiful diverse Country we live in.


I have received so many lovely comments about my photography and how my social media feeds have changed recently, and that wasn’t intentional or planned but has simply evolved. Photography inspires me in many ways, not just as an invaluable part of the business and the beautiful fabrics I use, but invaluable for my creativity and love of nature, countryside and art. It is an incredible creative tool where an image can transport us to another place or evoke a feeling or emotion from nowhere.


Earlier this year, I decided to create a hashtag that is about me and my business and reflects the lifestyle and fabrics I love. The new hashtag is


and I hope you will follow this as it grows and develops in the months to come.


Why stories of lifestyle and linen? Well, my business reflects the lifestyle I love and that so many of you also love, that of country inspired interiors.

And linen? Well, it’s my absolute favourite fabric! Beautiful, weathered, crumpled at times, hard wearing and changes with the ebb and flow of the seasons. Did you know that linen curtains can drop slightly in the damper weather, and shrink back in the heat of the Summer?

So, as the Summer months flow gently in to Autumn, I hope you will enjoy the journey with me and enjoy following my new hashtag.