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Spotlight on… Pippa Blacker Fabrics

July 1, 2024

Pippa's fabrics and wallpapers are one of my favourite 'go-to' designs. They are timeless and simply beautiful, very versatile, fresh with a contemporary twist, and work incredibly well alongside many of the fabrics I use in my interior design projects.

Pippa’s fabrics and wallpapers are one of my favourite ‘go-to’ designs. They are timeless and simply beautiful, very versatile, fresh with a contemporary twist, and work incredibly well alongside many of the fabrics I use in my interior design projects.

The fabrics tell us a lot about the artist-designer behind the company and Pippa’s own personal choice of pattern, colour and style.

Pippa Blacker

Tell us a little about how you started, your background and what inspired you to start your design business.

I have worked in the interiors industry for most of my career. I always had a vision that eventually I wanted to run a small business and work from home, while bringing up my family. Initially, the business was focused on soft furnishings, and making and designing window treatments for private clients. I have always had a passion for fabric design and textiles and I am naturally creative, I love painting and drawing, so as the business grew, I started designing my own fabrics.

What inspires your fabric and wallpaper designs?

My fabrics are inspired by nature and the beautiful countryside where I live in Hampshire, as well as other special places that I have travelled to around the country and Scotland. I design from my sketches, paintings, and observations of nature. I love colour and my preferred palette is a nod to the English heritage colours. The patterns are quite soft and gentle, combining to create a layered-up collection reflecting a relaxed and natural style

Can you tell us about your creative process when you are developing a new design or collection?

Some designs happen very quickly following a moment of inspiration and a quick sketch in watercolour. I play around with the sketch, photocopying it, scaling the size up and down and experimenting with pattern repeats. This can be quite fun and lots of scrambling around on the floor, moving colour photocopies around trying to imagine a full piece of fabric. I think carefully about colour and how the pattern will complement and work with my other designs. When I am happy, I send my ideas to the printer for sampling. This is always exciting, waiting to see the first colour samples on cloth.  

Image By Pippa Blacker

Images by Pippa Blacker

What is the story or inspiration behind your business and fabric collection?

The main driving force for my business and my fabric collection has been to create a platform for me to explore my creativity and push myself to learn new things. It has also enabled me to earn a living while working from home. I feel very lucky to have been at home working while my children were growing up, and developing my own skills too. I have learnt about marketing, PR, design, Instagram and so much more. I am now reflecting on how I want the business to work for me over the next decade. I am really enjoying oil painting and have been learning ceramics too, so maybe there will be more of this in the future. Perhaps some of my textile designs will find themselves onto ceramics!

Who or what are you most inspired by, what excites you about interior design and fabric design?

I am constantly inspired by so many wonderful artisan and micro business’ that you can find on Instagram! I love how pattern and how colour can change a space and how you feel. I have always been interested in how people live and how differently we all add character to our homes. Art, fabric, ceramics, soft furnishings, even one’s interest in fashion and clothing, to me it all links and works together, and I find it impossible to say which inspires me the most!

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for us as small business owners, what sustainable steps are you focusing on now?

My fabrics are printed digitally which is a very sustainable form of creating. I also print on natural fabrics and use 100% linen as often as I can. I work hard to keep the sampling process as lean as possible and I’ve never invested in fabric books, I prefer to use hand samples.  

Images By Helen Izzard

What feelings describe home for you? What is your interior design style from a personal style as well as the business?

For me home is relaxed, informal, colourful and a little eclectic. I love to decorate with art and ceramics, as well as fabrics of course! We like things to have a meaning, like some inherited pieces, or treasures from we have collected on our holidays. I love repurposing and upcycling, and will turn my hand to painting furniture or floorboards. My style at home is a little more mix and match, I do not like things to be too perfect. Teenagers, a dog and family life have to work alongside any interior design goals and aspirations!  

What do you look forward to when you return home at the end of a busy day?

A glass of Pinot Grigio!

Do pop over to Pippa’s website, to browse her stunning fabrics and wallpapers Pippa Blacker Interiors and follow her on Instagram here

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