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July 11, 2023

'Coastal Meets Country' Inspired fabrics and wallpapers designed in Cornwall. Naomi Sisson's designs are inspired by the rugged countryside and the inspiring Cornish coastline surrounding her home. I was very fortunate to meet Naomi earlier this year and we talked about her designs and the things that inspire her to design her textile & wallpaper collections.

‘Coastal Meets Country’ Inspired fabrics and wallpapers designed in Cornwall. Naomi Sisson’s designs are inspired by the rugged countryside and the inspiring Cornish coastline surrounding her home. I was very fortunate to meet Naomi earlier this year and we talked about her designs and the things that inspire her to design her textile and wallpaper collections.

Noami’s flora and nature inspired fabrics are stunning, light and airy designs, perfect for bespoke curtains and blinds in country cottage interiors and kitchens.

Tell us a little about your background and how you started Seed Home Designs.

I am originally from the Midlands where I took a degree in Multi-Media Textiles at Loughborough University. On graduating, I met my husband Pete and freelanced for fashion, greeting and fine art agencies where I gained valuable experience as a designer and artist.

As a textile designer, I decided to start Seed Home Designs seven years ago.

Just before my youngest daughter began school, I had a real desire to get out in to nature and begin sketching again. This also coincided with buying our first house where I fell in love with homemaking and creating a beautiful space for my family to live.

Seed Home Designs fabrics and wallpapers, bespoke curtains and textile designer

At the time, I was working part-time as a Post 16+ Art & Design Teacher and had been working on a textile project with my students to produce printed fabric designs. I loved the results so much that I decided to explore taking my own illustrations into pattern design and then printed fabrics.

What inspires your designs?

Our family relocated to Cornwall three years ago. My brother lives locally and we really felt an adventure calling us! It felt like a brave decision at the time, we had a wonderful church community, good friends and jobs, however as we stepped out everything seemed to come together.

The reason I mention this first is that I would say that my design work has evolved over time. I love nature and enjoy sketching in many of the stunning estates around the midlands that inspired my first fabric designs.

As you can imagine, living nearer to the sea and Cornwall itself with the sea, it’s culture and natural landscape now plays a huge part in influencing my design work.

Can you tell us about the textile design creative process when you are developing a new design or collection?

I begin by hand illustrating or painting my designs. Sometimes I colour them by hand and other times I work on them digitally, with a fabric colour atlas to select specific colours. In working from screen to fabric print there can be a great variation in colour, so using one helps me to achieve the colour that I am looking for.

Once I have a range of illustrations, I select my favourites, create some seamless pattern tiles, and then order samples to be printed. I choose to have my fabrics digitally printed which is one of the most eco-friendly methods of printing as it uses no water and only a tiny amount of waste.

The inks used for printing are also water based and GOTS certified so contain no nasty chemicals. When I come to developing a new collection, I look at colour trends coming through.

I try to keep my design work completely original so I begin sketching the things that interest me personally from nature and my own photographs. I am now in a place where I can gauge which designs are customers favourites and best sellers, which is helpful to refer to when considering taking new design ideas forward.

Naomi Sisson, Seed Home Designs fabrics and wallpapers, bespoke curtains and textile designer

What is the story behind your new fabric and wallpaper collection?

I recently produced my Coastal Cove & Meadow Collection, both of which have a nod to Cornish culture. I love the laid-back culture here in Cornwall but there is also a luxurious side in the simplicity of design here. There is a love for natural grasses, bare wood and muted natural colours within interiors here. Hopefully my Cornish Meadow fabric collection captures some of this. I wanted to create a design that was not too obvious but had a nod to the beautiful landscape of the Southwest.

There is a meadow next to our house and in the summer months, I love watching the grasses gently wafting in the wind, it’s a very calm and beautiful space. When designing my Coastal Cove fabric collection, I wanted to produce a grown-up coastal inspired fabric design, sketching shells, seaweed and samphire.

For this collection I decided to introduce a new Eco Linen look cloth made from a blend of linen and recycled man-made fibres.

I recently attended a business workshop with Exeter University which inspired me to look for new ways to reuse materials to help to sustain a circular economy. Introducing another sustainable choice to my product collections in my way of working further towards this.

Seed Home Designs fabrics and wallpapers, bespoke curtains and textile designer

What feelings describe home for you?

Home should be a place where you feel safe. A space that feels unique and beautiful to you can help you and others feel calm. I notice the joy and pleasure that I feel within a space that feels homely and welcoming, with beautiful interiors and space. It’s certainly doesn’t have to be about having every project completed in your home, it’s more about the overall feel of a space. I personally love a light airy space which can be achieved in both small and large spaces by the fabric selected and using accents of pattern and texture through soft furnishings. A simple woven rug really can pull a room together and you can add character to a space by not matching everything perfectly, but instead co-ordinating items together. When people come into my home, they often describe it as homely and peaceful. We are only a little way through home renovations of a very old Cornish property so there is lots of work to do but people still describe it as homely which is interesting.

What do you look forward to when you return home at the end of a busy day?

Being with my family and friends is probably the most important to me, sharing a meal together is precious time. I do prefer a tidy house, although it’s not always that way. I do not like clutter so try to tidy the kitchen before the school run and work if I can, as it helps my head feel clearer at the start of a day. However, although I love making a home look pretty, home to me is being able to have a welcoming space and more about the atmosphere that you create for others, inviting folk round for dinner or a coffee. I would much rather have a less perfect home and friends and neighbour feel they can pop over than an immaculate home that wears me out keeping it clean and tidy. Hopefully you’ll find me balanced somewhere in the middle!

All Images & Styling in this article are by Seed Home Designs. (with the exception of the first image)

Please share this journal post with friends and do let me know if you have any questions. If you’d like to chat about bespoke curtains and roman blinds, find out how I can help you create a bespoke home or would love to see more of this new collection of fabrics and wallpapers, I would love to hear from you.