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Ridge Blue Onion Tassel Trimming

£65.00 per metre

Beautifully classic onion tassel trimmings, with earthy tones inspired by the colours and landscapes of Somerset.

Ridge Blue is a beautiful earthy deep blue teal. The tones are reminiscent of blue clay, nephrite or deep lake blue in tones. Think Fenwick & Tilbrook ‘Bridesmaid’ mixed with Josephine Munsey ‘Beakster Blue’, Bude Blue and ‘Box Blue’, each multi-tonal wool yarns adding an incredible depth when they catch the light.

Our stylish onion tassel trimmings are also known as ‘Pushed-up’ Onion Tassels, similar to pom pom trimmings in style, but designed to be elegant and timeless. By choosing multi-tonal wool colours for the tassels, we were able to create a trimming with depth and tone. We intentionally chose pure wool for this very English trimmings collection. We added a little cotton in to the braid to create a wonderful textured tape, which can be used as a decorative feature braid.

The inspiration behind the deep blue hues on the ridges of our Somerset moorland. The sun hitting the tips of the moor while the sharp ridges sit in the darkness below, in deep shade, often with the appearance of dusky deep blue in the distance. The colours and vibrancy are diverse, but with such depth in their tones.

Our collection of onion tassel trimmings marks a celebration of British design and manufacturing, and classically timeless trimmings. We took a thoughtful & considered approach to selecting the finest natural yarns, to create a bespoke collection that we feel will stand the test of time.

With an intentional commitment to sourcing locally and sustainably by supporting British manufacturing, our trims are entirely and exclusively handmade for us in the UK, using the finest natural wool and cotton yarns.

Tassel and pom pom trimmings are stylish additions to any soft furnishings, especially the leading edges of curtains, the edges of cushions or pelmets, as well as the lower edges of roman blinds, adding understated elegance, colour and texture.

Minimum order: one metre, thereafter available in multiples of 50cm.

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Ridge Blue


75% Wool, 25% Cotton


Height 3.5 cm (Tassel 2.5cm)

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Care Instructions

Dry Clean

Minimum Order

1 Metre, available in 50cm increments

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