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Welcome To The Studio…

Who am I… Stitches Through Time

It is not until later in life that you can look back, reflect and begin to piece together certain points in time, life events which influenced the particular path you chose to take.

As an artisan, I have always used the skills and craftsmanship that I was taught from childhood, a hand stitched heritage which was passed on from my mother & Grandmother. Sewing is rooted in my family’s history and as a child, I was taught the values and principles of sewing, hand stitching, crafts, and art. I would watch, fascinated, as my mother worked, and her boxes of buttons and threads and haberdashery slowly drew me in to a new and fascinating world of needle and thread. The rhythm of the stitches, the movement of the needle in and out of the cloth and the exactness of every stitch, are some of my early memories and were the beginning of my lifelong apprenticeship with sewing.

I still have some of the things they made me throughout childhood, and while they may be tucked away safely in drawers, they remain a part of me. The skills they taught me and the passion for sewing they inspired in me, remains to this day. Craftsmanship, sewing and hand stitching skills remain rooted in my family heritage, and will always remain at the core of everything I do today. My ethos has always been to respect the roots and tradition of these hand sewing skills. Every item is made by hand, as it has always been done.

Helen Izzard

What I do…Where past meets present

I design and create interiors for your home and offer interior design services. I create bespoke, hand stitched, made to measure curtains, blinds, cushions and lampshades and I have a beautiful library of fabrics, wallpapers, curtain poles and tracks, and home accessories available. Every item is made by my hand, using traditional skills and hand stitching.

I only work with quality natural fabrics, linen, wool, and cotton. I believe that if you are creating something with your hands, you begin the journey with the finest quality fabrics, linings, interlinings and tools. I have an uncompromising commitment to UK manufacturing, and I respect the roots of sewing and the provenance of the fabrics I use. I am passionate about quality-based values and the authenticity of the products I make. It is not about how much you have, but the quality of what you have.

I work from a small corner of rural Somerset for customers both locally and from across the UK. With a distinctive artisan approach to interior design and soft furnishings, I love working with cloth from independent British designers, who’s fabrics are simply stunning and inspirational, and who follow my own principles of quality, design and a simple rustic lifestyle. Creating interiors and spaces that feel like they have always been there is my passion.

Many of us are experiencing a growing desire to return to a slower and more considered way of living, and we want our homes and interiors to reflect this.  I believe that there is a timeless beauty in artisan skills, each process completed by hand, with age old skills and attention to detail at the forefront.  And I know that many appreciate both the craft and the craftsmanship that has gone in to producing them.


What I believe in… My Ethos

I will always remain passionate about delivering the hand-crafted values that I inherited. Combining this with the quality of workmanship, it’s what my customers love and what inspires them to come back time and again. Craftsmanship, sewing and hand stitching skills remain at the core of everything I do. My ethos has always been to respect the roots and tradition of these hand sewing skills. Every item is made by hand, my hand, as it has always been done.

With the growing awareness of sustainability, we are slowly choosing to move towards a more considered way of purchasing and living. My work is designed with thoughtfulness and detail. I love to create beautifully hand-crafted products that stand the test of time, that age beautifully, and are crafted from the best materials sourced from the UK. Products that become part of your story, loved, cherished, and kept for many years to come.

I draw my inspiration for interior design from nature, both colours and designs from the ever-changing seasons around me. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful corner of Somerset, with countryside, moors, valleys and coast close by. You will often find me there, with my camera in hand. And my images are used throughout my website.

What do I believe in? I believe that a home is more than just bricks and mortar. Our lives have never been more transient, but the constant in this will always be our homes. As custodians of bricks and mortar, every home has timeless echoes of what has come before us, in every corner. And in equal measures, they have the whispers of possibilities that lie ahead in others. Returning to a beautiful home, surrounded by the things we have learnt to cherish through life, both past and present, fills us with a greater sense of peace and well-being.

It gives us our sense of roots and place.

All images on this page by Meg Lovell Photography & Film

Helen Izzard Workroom