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I believe that our homes are more than bricks and mortar. As custodians, our homes are filled with the timeless echoes of what has come before us, and in equal measures, the whispers of the possibilities that lie ahead in every room.

Returning home, to a beautiful home, surrounded by the things we have cherished through life, through past and present, fills us with a sense of peace and belonging.

A home should always reflect you, your family and your life.

Initial Consultation
& Design

The initial consultation will help me gain an insight into your project and any ideas you may have. Whether this is a pair of curtains or a full house project, this is the time to discuss style, colour, fabrics, curtain poles and accessories, and take measurements.

The interior design stage is an important aspect and can take time to evolve. It is important to understand how you wish to use the space and how you would like it to feel, and to understand the property’s architecture and history. Understanding the subtle language of a building will help ensure its integrity, and allow us to take a sensitive approach. Weaving in your story will lead to that all important sense of belonging, where the relationship between the house and the family become effortless and timeless.

We will discuss ideas for each room and window dressings, from curtains, to blinds, pelmets or voiles. Colours can change throughout the day, depending upon the light in the room, and so fabric and colour samples are important. I often advise clients to ‘live’ with samples for a few days before making your final choice.

There will often be more than one consultation, as we take time to order samples and fine tune our decisions. I often work remotely with clients and these stages can be discussed via calls.

Olive & Daisy Lines Moodboard by Helen Izzard


Following our discussion, you will receive a full proposal and costs, which will include a breakdown of the design charges, fabrics, curtains poles, and any installation charges. Every project is individually unique, and my proposals will be bespoken and personalised. Each project will be overseen by me from instruction to completion. Timescales are also discussed and agreed, which can vary depending upon the project and suppliers lead times.

The proposal will be a detailed quote from our discussions and plans, such as fabrics from our library of UK designers, choices of linings and interlinings, and the design style such as curtain headings. This is also the time to consider setting your interiors apart with exquisite trimmings, either from our own collection or from a beautiful selection of trimmings to order.

Often, the project is broken down in to phases and we will work on and complete one room at a time. We will take time to discuss these stages, and when the project is agreed and confirmed by email, you will receive an invoice for the first part payment.

At this stage, and on receipt of your payment, all fabrics, curtains poles and products required to complete your scheme are sourced and ordered.

Kate Forman Moodboard by Helen Izzard

Project Creation

This is the time for the behind scenes work to begin. All my furnishings are bespoke, and hand stitched to the highest quality, with attention to detail throughout.

My values are key to how I work. Everything I source has a provenance to it and my standards are exacting throughout. With this in mind, I will agree realistic timescales with you, arrange any additional visits and we will start to plan and work.


The final stages of project management also require attention to detail, working alongside a small team of professional fitters, to ensure that everyone is happy with the final rooms and interior design.

Many of my projects are based both locally in the Southwest of England and across the UK, and I adapt all stages to suit each client and project.