A colour palette inspired by the beautiful rugged landscape of the Cornish Coast. The colours of the water’s edge, the rugged cliffs, the harsh wind in Winter, old knotted wood weathered by wind and storm, and the crystal blue green of the sea when the sun peeks through the clouds




The colours of the coastal path: heavy rain storms in Winter, dove greys, stone blues, dried grasses, with hints of pale sage greens and splashes of ivory white against the landscape








Lewis and Wood ‘Vineheart’ in Sea Holly, combined with duck egg blues and dove greys








Charcoal and dove greys, weathered slate greys and burnished cream, with splashes of stone blues on old Cornish Cottages







Charlotte Gaisford’s ‘Lucky Fortune Argent’ from the New China Bird Collection








Weathered and stormy, heavy rain greys and seamist blues, with hints of stone








Cabbages & Roses ‘Mary’, soft blues and greys, hints of stone and seamist