It has been quite a while since I last posted and it has been a very different year to the usual one for all of us, with challenges in abundance. The seasons have changed and passed and we are once again, in my favourite time of year, Autumn.

There is so much beauty in nature at this time of year, with earthy warm tones around us, frosty days, crisp leaves underfoot and early morning mists pressing against the window panes. There is a quietness settling over nature as it settles down for the coming hibernation period and while there is still some colour in the garden, we find it in quiet pockets amongst the autumn season change in comparison to the wild abundance of Spring and Summer.

Susie Hetherington has fast become one of my favourite designers this year for her earthy autumnal colours and tones and beautifully intricate lino-cut designs.

And look at these cool autumn earthy blues from Colefax & Fowler, traditional English classic interiors elegance at its best.

Add some trimmings for that classic country elegance.

If this year has taught us anything, it is that nature and exploring its simple pleasures have become an invaluable part of our day to day routines. There is an inherent pleasure in a simple walk and looking at the finer details of the world are us.