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Autumn Inspiration for Interior Design

September 1, 2023

As the summer days slowly draw to a close and we enter September, our thoughts drift towards the home once more and the return to cooler months. Autumn is the perfect time to draw interior inspiration from our surroundings, and the change in colours as the season slowly drifts from summer to autumn.

Autumn is the perfect time to draw interior inspiration from our surroundings, and the change in colours as the season drifts slowly from summer to autumn, producing an array of rich colours and vibrant tones.  

Autumn colours and textures can bring warm and brightness to our homes, and perfectly compliment a country home.

Inspiration From Your Surroundings

Step outside your front door and see the abundance of colour around us. As the air changes, and there is a crisper, fresher feel in the early mornings, remember to take your camera out with you on walks, as it is the perfect time to capture the colours and textures around us as the sun comes up.

Nature is the best source for inspiration and has an incredible ability to show us perfect colour combinations in the most unlikely way. And in particular, the colour combinations we were always taught to avoid. There are some invaluable lessons to learn from natures colour palette if we seek it out.

Very little happens in my workroom without a deadline, and nature is no different, it has it’s own jumble of seasonal ever-changing deadlines. We are very lucky to live in Somerset and a very short walk from leafy lanes and fields. While we often keep to the same walks we love, the regular rhythm of seasonal changes are a joy to find, the subtle changes in leaf colour and the often pop of colour from a  flower that has magically appeared overnight.

Frenchmans Creek Helford

Green Colour Palettes

So, what is inspiring me for autumn interiors as we head in to September?

You may be surprised to know that blue is the most prevalent colour in nature, and green is the second most prevalent. Green is seen as the colour of plant life, renewal and growth and is central to an autumn interiors colour palette.

If we look at the colour green in Biophilic design, it is a colour of calmness. Scientists believe that our eyes can detect wavelengths corresponding with the colour green more readily than other colours, and our nervous systems and brains feel calm as a result of looking at green. It is common knowledge that exposure to green spaces lifts our moods and sense of wellbeing, so to makes perfect sense to bring these colours in to our home.

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Autumn greens are perfect for living spaces, as green communicates calmness and harmony, and adds a freshness to any colour palette. It is the perfect base colour for adding other colours to blend in, splashes of colour to pop out from the green. Lime greens bring a zingy freshness, the energy of the yellow base standing strong amongst much softer greens. Equally, pinks, blues, deep burgundy, rusty browns, all blend and mix well together with green. For autumnal colour, consider orange tones and lots of textures alongside.

My advice would be to play with colour, bring together paint charts, wallpapers and fabric samples and watch how they change throughout the day, with the ever changing light in the room. The space and the light will often dictate the tones which will work well, and you can easily eliminate those that do not work as well or you simply do not like.

Wallpaper and paint samples from Josephine Munsey, fabric from Pippa Blacker, curtain poles from The Eden Collection

Autumn Textures For Cushions & Lighting

Autumn colours and patterns and perfect inspiration for adding textures. Take a close look at leaves for a good example of colours and pattern, and introduce pattern and texture in the form of lighting, rugs, cushions and throws. Textures and colours add layers of interest to a country home, and create a relaxed room.

The most important guidance would be not to rush decisions. I always recommend living with samples in the house or rooms and watching how the light changes throughout the day, and where the dark corners are and how the rooms flow. This is very important in making the right decisions.

Interior design and longevity should work side by side, so try to future proof your decisions. With sustainability increasingly on our minds now, this should be one of the key interior design decisions we make for the future.

Curtain poles from Byron & Byron with gorgeous floral finials, emulating the perfect bud of the peony as it slowly opens.

Soft neutrals tones and delicate textures, sitting beautifully alongside embroidered linen voiles and pure wool footstools, with hints of deep pink hues mixed in to lift the colours.

Dark charcoals and pops of rusty reds, heavy interlined curtains with textured wooden curtain poles to complete the design. Splashes of deep greens in accessories such as cushions and throws would accentuate and lift the chalky darkness of the charcoal.

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Happy Autumn!