Thoughtfully designed & beautifully made interiors

Made by hand, my hand

The timeless craft of exquisitely made, hand stitched curtains, blinds & soft furnishings.

Situated in a quiet corner of Somerset, every item is handstitched using

traditional artisan skills & workmanship.

From cloth to home, as it’s always been done.

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Bespoke Interior Design Services


A distinctive artisan approach to interior design and hand stitched soft furnishings


Traditional skills and craftsmanship are at the core of everything I do. I believe that to make something really beautiful and hand crafted, something that will last a lifetime, there has to be skilled craftsmanship, integrity, authenticity and provenance in how it is made. Which is why my furnishings are designed using the finest materials.

I care deeply about the sustainability and authenticity of the fabrics I select, which is why I use the best materials from British Fabric designers to create made-to-order furnishings. And which is also why I love working with pure natural fabrics to bring design and craftsmanship into your home.

I offer a bespoke, hand stitched, made to order service for curtains, blinds, cushions and lampshades and a beautiful range of fabrics, wallpapers and home accessories. Many of the Fabric Designers I work with use digital printing to produce their fabric collections, a process which has sustainable benefits: less water consumption, less waste, and the use of non-toxic pigment inks.

Designing interiors takes time and I work with clients to create a shared investment in the development of their homes by allowing enough time to enjoy the creative process and to achieve the very best bespoke products. It’s not about how much you own but the quality and integrity of what you own.

As an artisan maker, I use the skills and craftsmanship that I was taught from childhood, a hand stitched heritage passed on from generation to generation. I draw on the tradition of these skills in my work, and each process is completed by hand, my hand.

From Cloth To Home

Behind every business is a story of roots and pathways, and growth and creativity.

‘From Cloth To Home’ is my story.


This beautiful film was created for me by Sarah Mason Photography from Yorkshire. Sarah came to Somerset and we spent the day chasing the low autumn light. We dusted off one of my old sewing machines, which still stitches beautifully today. And even though I have upgraded the old machines to the modern machines I now use, the distinct smell of the old Singer as I remove its cover, always takes me back to those memories of that first sewing machine.

I hope you enjoy this little film, which takes you in to my world of interior inspiration for a moment.

My Story


Stitches Through Time


Many of us are experiencing a growing desire to return to a slower and more considered way of living, and we want our homes and interiors to reflect this.  I believe that there is a timeless beauty in artisan skills, each process completed by hand, with age old skills and attention to detail at the fore.  And I know that many appreciate both the craft and the craftsmanship that has gone in to producing them.

I design and create bespoke timeless interiors, window dressings and soft furnishings, handmade using the traditional skills and values of the highest standards, that I was taught as a child.

Craftsmanship, sewing and hand stitching skills are rooted in my family heritage, and remain at the core of everything I do today. My ethos has always been to respect the roots and tradition of these hand sewing skills. Every item is made by hand, as it has always been done.

I draw my inspiration for interior design from nature, both colours and designs from the ever-changing seasons around me. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful corner of Somerset, with countryside, moors, valleys and coast close by. I believe that we build strong connections with our surroundings in the natural world and this echoes in our homes.  Our homes become extensions of who we are and the life we have, both past and present.

I believe that a home is more than just bricks and mortar. As custodians, our homes have timeless echoes of what has come before us in every corner, and in equal measures, there are the whispers of the possibilities that lie ahead in others. Returning to a beautiful home, surrounded by the things we have learnt to cherish through life, both past and present, fills us with a greater sense of peace and well-being.

It gives us our sense of place.

Bespoke Interior Design Service

Our interior design service can help you to create your beautiful home.

Journal of a Maker


My Scrapbook, Stories, Notes and Jottings

From Cloth To Home

From Cloth To Home

From Cloth To Home. Behind every business is a story. A story of life, of roots and pathways, and growth and creativity. ‘From Cloth To Home’ is my story. It is not until later in life that you can look back and reflect upon certain points in life that piece together...

Autumn Inspiration

Autumn Inspiration

It has been quite a while since I last posted and it has been a very different year to the usual one for all of us, with challenges in abundance. The seasons have changed and passed and we are once again, in my favourite time of year, Autumn. There is so much beauty...

Winter Interiors

Winter Interiors

Colour inspiration is all around us, rooted in our seasons and countryside. Colour is a personal, powerful and emotive subject, so choosing colours for our interiors is a deeply personal expression of ourselves, and our feelings, the strength of our pull towards the...