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We are an independent company in Somerset specialising in bespoke interior design services 

Our Story

Many of us are experiencing a growing desire to return to a slower and more considered way of living, and want our homes and interiors to reflect and encourage this.

I design and create timeless country inspired interiors, window dressings and soft furnishings, handmade using traditional skills and values to the highest standards.

I believe that there is a special beauty in things made by hand with love, care and attention to detail, and that people appreciate both the craft and craftsmanship that has gone in to producing each item.

I draw my inspiration for interior design from nature, both colours and designs from the ever-changing seasons around me. I am fortunate to live in Beautiful Somerset, with both country and coast close by. I believe that we build strong connections with our surroundings in the natural world and our homes.  They become extensions of who we are, and the life and experiences we have. Returning to a beautiful home, surrounded by the things we have cherished, fills us with a greater sense of peace and well-being.

I collaborate with a talented selection of British fabric designers to being colour, warmth and character into people’s homes. I offer a bespoke made-to-measure service for curtains, blinds, cushions and lampshades, and a beautiful range of home accessories.

I love working with pure natural fabrics like linen, wool and cotton. Many of the fabric designers I work with use digital printing for their designs, a process which has environmentally sustainable benefits: the process uses less water consumption, less power consumption, less waste as fabric is printed to order, and non-toxic pigment inks.

Every item is handmade by myself, with care and passion for what I do.


Bespoke Interior Design Service

Our interior design service can help you to create your beautiful home.

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